Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day Two

Two-thirds the way blocked. Taking my time blocking this one, but, again, it is a very dense script. We’ll finish tomorrow and have a rough blocking run.
It occurs to me that I haven’t mentioned much about the players in this grand experiment. I’ve mentioned who they are, but not much about them. Allow me to remedy that.

Jeremy W. Chase – Actor.
I haven’t known Jeremy long. He and his wife, Nova, are transplants from Boise. They recently moved to Salt Lake, and this is his first tread on the boards in this town.
Jeremy has something about him that I don’t see a lot of. His face morphs. I defy you to tell me what age he is. In this show, he is convincingly equal parts 30, 40, 70, and 5. The 70 year old is a woman. It is not possible for me to watch Jeremy without buying what he’s selling. And that’s just with his face.

Cassandra Stokes-Wylie – Actress.
I’ve known Cassie quite a few years. We’ve never worked together. But. For my money she is one of the best actresses around. She is from Albuquerque originally, and is a graduate of the Actor Training Program at the University of Utah.
It is a challenge to watch Cassie sometimes. She doesn’t let you off easy. She is one of these actresses who is an envelope. She takes all the information from every character she does, and fills herself up. When, as an audience member, we open this envelope, there is so much there it is almost overwhelming. How can an actress put this much into to every role. But, there she is, doing it. In everything I’ve seen her in, the envelope is bulging.

Rebecca Johnson – Executive Producer.
Becky and I started UTAC one year ago. It was her brainchild, and together, we gave it life. She is from Logan. That’s all I’ll say about that.
Becky has the unglamorous, unenviable role of finding us money. Becky books the space. Becky pays the actors and the rights. Becky sets up fundraisers. Becky gets us reviewed. She is the captain of this ship. She’s not seen much, but without her, we’d go down.

J. J. Pearson
J. J. is our stage manager. He grew up in Murray, and is a graduate of Southern Utah University in theatre. He’s recently spent many shows as a dresser for Pioneer Theatre Company. We owe J. J. one big debt, outside of being stage manager: He turned us on to the script. He gave it to us, we read it, and haven’t looked back.

As for myself. I suppose you’ll learn enough as these blogs continue.

We will be performing this The Turn of the Screw at the Sugar Space, 616 E Wilmington (2190 South). The dates are 9/18 – 10/03. Get your tickets online through our website, utahtheatreartists.com. They should go fast!

More tomorrow…time for bed.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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