Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 8


So, as I’m sure you all noticed, I didn’t post a blog last night. Please excuse my negligence. My little Pomeranian, Mac, had gone missing for two days. I was a wreck. A Good Samaritan found him for me this morning. He was being held at the West Valley shelter. They picked him up at 3600 S 6200 W. I live downtown! I know he gets tired after walking two blocks, so I have no idea how he got way the hell out there. But he’s home and all is well. Two sleepless nights and $50 later, I’m back to writing…

I tend to get a little carried away during rehearsals. I get so excited once I see things starting to happen, that I start to want it all now. I try to keep that in check. It’s not very fair to the actors. We had our first off book run tonight, and I took five pages of notes. Five pages? Really We aren’t nearly far along for me to be taking five pages of notes. But I write down everything I think, no matter how insignificant. It’s a fault, and I’m working on it. But I am very excited about things, and that I don’t want to work on.

These actors work so hard. I know they are very hard on themselves, whether they admit it or not. In a way, I like that. In another way, I like them to know I’m not worried. We are doing amazing things. I have complete confidence.
I’ve mentioned before the density of the script. It has twists and turns, and twists and turns that don’t seem like twists and turns. It’s pretty easy to have an answer to something one day, and have a completely different answer to the same thing the next. It is the nature of this script. There are so many peaks and valleys in this roller coaster of a play that it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s up and what’s down.

The run went well tonight. We are coming up on a ten day hiatus next week Everyone needs a summer vacation. I am supremely happy that we are in a comfortable spot. I’d be nervous if we weren’t where we are. Road bumps? Yes. Wrong turns? Definitely. But that’s the fun of discovery, isn’t it? We do know what we want and what we think works. And knowing is half the battle.

Becky’s mom is coming back into town tomorrow for her birthday. She lives in Hawaii, and won’t be able to come see the run. So, she’s coming to see a rehearsal tomorrow night. I’m interested to know what she thinks.

Signing off for now. See you tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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