Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day Four

Finding something is the greatest thing in the world. It brings relief. It brings comfort. And it brings a certain sense of accomplishment. Maybe you lose your keys and you find them in the pocket of your pants. Maybe out of nowhere, Mr./Ms. Right shows up. Maybe you’re directing a show and you find interpersonal relationships in your characters…
It doesn’t matter how much research and preparation you do for a show, some things just can’t be found until you are in the trenches of rehearsal. Jeremy and Cassie are already acting like they’ve worked together for years. It’s such a gift to have found these thoughtful, intelligent, insightful actors at the top of their game. I’ve worked with many amazing actors around town, and these two can hold their own. It makes the process extremely interesting.

Moving on. Tonight. Tonight we worked the first ten pages of the script. In these first ten pages, mind you, Jeremy breaks out all four of his characters plus a few sound effects. One of the issues with the characters the male plays in this show: How do we make each character subtly unique. The answer comes in the answer to the second question. What are the relationships of each of these characters to the Governess, played by one actress. This is not to mention his character’s relationship with the audience.
This was the focus tonight. How do each one of the characters act towards the Governess, and how does she, in turn, react? Let me mention here that it is not unusual for us to take our time. Less than a week in, one could easily find us spending an hour on three pages. And you know what? That’s exactly what we did tonight.
I imagine the feeling of finding oil must be pretty cool. You get out there in the dust and dirt, and you dig. And you dig. And you dig. And then, something happens. The black gold, she comes a bubblin’. And it doesn’t come slowly. It comes in a rush.

That’s this show. That was tonight. That is all.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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