Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day Nine


It’s like they say. A play is called a play for a reason. It’s always been fascinating to me the amount of stress that comes with doing a play. Now, I’m not talking about the behind the scenes aspects. Everyone knows business is hard. I’m talking creatively. It never made much sense to me to tear myself apart, or have others do the same, in order to put up a good product. To me, if it is your “passion”, or “goal”, or “desire”, shouldn’t it be fun?
I want an environment where work and play are intertwined. Don’t get me wrong. This is not to say that we are to adopt a laissez-faire attitude. This is to simply remember that, to some extent, this is a release. This is fortitude of spirit. This artistic endeavor is what gives you balance. Let’s be real. Nobody makes money in theatre. So why else do it if it isn’t giving your soul some joy?

I believe in theatre as entertainment. As an escape. There are plenty of amazing works I love that deal with social classes, racism, rape, disintegration of family, etc. But the plays I like to see take me away from the world for a little while. Let me have a bit of fantasy. Let me inhabit a world I wouldn’t otherwise. To me, this is the cardinal goal in putting up any show. To entertain.
Let me emphasize: This show is no cream puff. Cream puffs taste good, but don’t stick with you. It’s dense like mercury. But. We still have an obligation to create an alternate world for the audience. And in order to do that, in my thinking, we must have fun.

Tonight, we had fun.

It’s amazing to me the things that can be gained from improv. In being given a set of circumstances, a relationship, and a setting, you are opened to many possibilities. Barriers are broken. Nothing is off limits. The impossible is possible. (the last statement may have been stolen from many movies, and isn’t necessarily true. As a rule, the impossible is not generally possible).

I, again, feel a great sense of ease where we are in this show. I’m comfortable. I’m confident. I’m content.
I’m not content, but I am comfortable and confident.

To my actors: Awesome work.

To the rest of you, in all sincerity…

Thanks for reading my blog

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