Monday, August 17, 2009

Day Six

Plugging away. We’re working through the play in chunks. Five pages left, then a run on Wednesday.

Intensity is an interesting thing. There are so many ways to express it. Through volume. Through lack of volume. In body. With a look. It’s a tricky proposition, intensity, because it has to be thick. It needs to be palpable. And the only way to make that happen is to know exactly what’s going on, to know exactly what you are saying.
As I work through a script, I don’t let any word slide. I don’t let any moment slip by. They are all important. Every phrase, every line, every word…every raise of an eyebrow, every turn upstage, every time you sit down…it all means something. That’s what we are in the middle of right now. Pounding away until we figure out what everything means. It gives an immense satisfaction when we figure it out. And these two actors are figuring it out. Already, moments are becoming electric.

I’m thinking about levels a lot during this process. Tactics. Motivations. It’s always fascinating to me how real some characters can be. Even stylized ones like these. We all play games. We’re all after something. And we attack our goals in different ways. Sometimes overtly. Sometimes on the sly. Sometimes we’re so clever, nobody knows we’re paying a tactic. And they always change. There’s a lot of that in the show. The game changes sometimes with every line. It’s like playing Where’s Waldo with human emotions.

We have finalized our poster design finally. They should be in circulation within a week. Very classic, clean, crisp. Evocative. There is something unsettling about it, and I love that. Look for them soon!

We have tomorrow off. I’ll be back Wednesday. Have a good Tuesday!
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