Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 17

The director is hobbled.

The time has come for me to pay physically, as well as emotionally and mentally for this show. This is not to say “pay” negatively. This is not like paying my utility bill. This is more like paying for my ticket to Lagoon. Either way, you come out with a little less capital, a little more experience, and sometimes, a little less mobile, in the case of Lagoon and this show.

As with a ride on the Colossus when you aren’t quite prepared for it, hanging lights is a dangerous proposition. Sunday we went into the space and designed our lighting plot for the show. A shoutout right here to Pilar for her help. In my ever enthusiastic way, I attacked those lights as they should have been. But the attacker was not who it should have been. It’s like Rocky going into a bout against Apollo Creed. But instead of Rocky you send Papa Smurf. Still won, but won’t be able to schedule another fight for quite some time. Papa Smurf’s a badass!

My lower to vertebrae are missing a disc and I forget this sometimes.

So, to the pleasure of everyone, including myself, I am walking around like a wilted fern. Except my back doesn’t bend like the stem would.

Back to the show, rehearsals are going well. The space has become an issue that we thought it wouldn’t be. However, just like Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin, we soldier on.

We’ve come to a place where I feel that we are ready for an audience. These actors need some people to watch this show. It is work worthy of watching. As we roll into our last few days of rehearsal, I am more confident with each passing day. This show is strong. And it is precisely what I wanted from the beginning.

Just a note: this show looks awesome under the lights! Every mood, every moment, is playing as well as I can make it. These guys know what to do when they’re onstage. They are consummate professionals, and together I believe that we have crafted a show that people are going to want to watch. I revise. We have crafted a show that people are going to want to watch twice.

Please excuse my absence from the blog the last couple of days. They have been busy, stressful, and physically painful. I am lying flat on my back on our hardwood floor. I am dictating this blog to Becky. Say hi Becky. “Hi, this is Becky.”

We open in three days. I am enthusiastic, excited, and confident. This show is one to be proud of.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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