Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 12

Day 12? Really? That really doesn’t seem like many days. Hmm. We’re in damn good shape.

We finished talking through the script tonight, and moved back to scene work. It seems these actors, and their characters, grow over night. Or evolve, more than grow. They always bring their A-game and they are coming with such intricate, intriguing stuff. I love sitting back and watching and evolved, and involving, performance. So much sweeter when you get to see the progression. And their always changing. Always new. Always fresh. It was a pleasure to watch them tonight.

We are shooting for at least three days of full runs next week. I’m excited to see the continuity. It’s difficult when you approach a show scene by scene or, in our case, page by page. Those pages become their own mini-plays, where a complete story is told in a few lines. Once you start piecing them all together, they don’t necessarily fit right away. It takes a little time. I stress transitions. Transitions can never be under-emphasized. They are the glue that keep the pieces together. A strong transition bridges the gap between the end of a good scene, and the beginning of another. Anyway, I’m curious how are pieces will fit. Not nervous. Just…curious.

That’s all for now. I took many more pictures tonight. Should be some cool ones popping up here all the time.

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